About ELC

Local knowledge with a global perspective

ELC is a group of over 300 supply chain and logistics management consultants, with a strong local presence in most countries across Europe.

We have over 20 years’ experience of carrying out pan-European projects and the Group has extended worldwide with offices in the USA, India, China and Israel.

Our strengths work for you

  • We have extensive experience of building strong, long-term partnerships with major organisations, both within and outside Europe.
  • Our consultants have in-depth local knowledge of over 20 different markets, with an average of more than 20 years experience in each.
  • We build and work with cross-functional and multi-cultural teams of experts, which have been created specifically to service individual client’s needs.
  • We use proven tools and methodologies, which have either been developed by ELC or been selected as ‘best in class’.
  • As well as the more traditional aspects of logistics and supply chain management, our consultants have a proven record of accomplishment in fields such as efficient consumer response, category management, supply chain-partnering, e-commerce, outsourcing, purchasing and engineering.

We Care

We are committed to ‘making it happen’ for our clients – we want our clients to get tangible, measurable results, not just reports.
To support this approach, we focus our skills both on defining the right strategy for each client and on realising the vital organisational and cultural changes needed to ensure success.

We’re local to you

Today’s new technology, new business-to-business relationships, and changing consumption patterns, mean that the current business environment is one in which change is swift and frequent. While this offers opportunities for rapid growth, it can also result in significant decline. ELC is on hand to ensure that your company realises the benefits of the new market trends and doesn’t fall prey to its dangers.

Our experience of working globally within mixed teams of supply chain experts complements our strong local presence, to ensure that we bring to each individual client an effective mix of local knowledge with a global perspective.

We’d like to hear from you

If you would like more information about ELC in general or about a specific business challenge we can help you with, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please contact your local ELC office. You can find our addresses here.

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